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Once you arrive at the airport on Baltra Island you will have to take one of the busses from the airlines to get to the canal “Itabaca”. There are a few ferries that will take you across the canal. Once you have reached the other side of the canal you can choose between taking a bus or a taxi to the town of Puerto Ayora. The town is located on the other side of the Island of Santa Cruz, approximately 40km from the canal. The ride to town usually takes between 40 and 60 minutes. The taxis on Santa Cruz Island are all white pick-up trucks.

When you arrive in the town of Puerto Ayora your hostess Gundi will be waiting at the main dock to pick you up and escort you to the Guest House. To avoid confusions, she always carries a wooden sign on her purse, with the inscription “Jean’s Home”. You can also reach her on her cell phone at any given time if you should have problems getting to Puerto Ayora. The main dock can be recognized easily by the volleyball-court and small children’s playground directly in front of it.