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Our Guest House “Jean’s Home” was named in memory of Jean Blaha, an American from New York who settled on the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, in the early 70’s. Jean was the one who built the original house with her own hands, lavarock by lavarock. In those days life was much harder on the Galapagos, as people were still deprived from basic facilities, such as electricity and running water.

When Jean passed away in 1993 she had still not finished all of her dreams, like an indoor garden, a small Guest House and others. As she had no family on the Islands she decided to leave her house and land to Gundi Schreyer, a neighbour and a friend who had been born on the Islands and whose parents came to the Galapagos in 1951 after the war in Germany. Gundi grew up to become one of the first naturalist guides on the Islands, and when her friend Jean passed away she decided to finish the building and turn it into a small Guest House.

Today our ecofriendly Guest House consists of six ample bedrooms (each one with it’s own private bathroom), a livingroom and a fully-equipped kitchen, also available to the guests. It is located on Punta Estrada (Point “Estrada”), a small neighbourhood with aprox. 30 families. The only way to reach the Point is by water-taxi (about 5 minutes from the main town), as no roads have been built so far, and all paths are pedestrian.

Throughout the years the settlers on Punta Estrada have made it their goal to try and keep the natural environment as intact as possible, thus the reason why there is still not a road from the main town. The water-taxis are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Punta Estrada also has it’s own beach (which is only a short walk from the Guest House) locally called “Playa de los Alemanes”.